Chinese Sources on the Chongqing Fishing City Fortress (Diaoyu Cheng)


Previously my last post on the Fishing City Fortress (Diaoyu Cheng) located out in the rural outskirts of Chongqing’s Hechuan District had been way back in the Fall of 2011.  At that time I had promised my readers that more information would be forthcoming. Well, it took a while, but here it is.  In Mid-July 2012 I spent a week of my spare time immersing myself in the published works of the two most authoritative Chinese scholars on this topic, Liu Daoping and Chi Kaizhi, both of whom have published three studies on it.  For an annotated outline translation of Liu Daoping’s most comprehensive monograph on the Fishing City please see my other blog post at this link:

A Bibliography of Chinese Sources on the Fishing City Fortress (Diaoyu Cheng)

Eric N. Danielson


Chi Kāizhì [池开智], 合川钓鱼城 (He Chuan Diao Yu Cheng), Chongqing: Southwest Normal University Press [西南师范大学出版社](Xi Nan Shi Fan Da Xue Chubanshe), August 2003. Produced by a large editorial committee with the cooperation of the Hechuan Municipal People’s Government (Hechuan Shi Renmin Zhengfu). 99 pp. of Chinese text. 124 numbered color photos. Large folio size hard cover coffee table book. This work was produced by a large Editorial Committee [编委] ( biān wěi) of 13 members. Text by Chi Kāizhì 池开智. Editor in Chief [主编] (zhǔ biān): Li Ming [李明]. Deputy Editorial Committee Chairmen [编委会副主] (biān wěi huì fù zhǔ): Tang Chuan [唐川] & Li Ming [李明].

Chi Kāizhì [池开智], Fishing Town of He Chuan City [合川钓鱼城(He Chuan Diao Yu Cheng), Chongqing Publishing Group (重庆出版集团) & Tian Jian Publishing Net (天健出版网). 1 VCD and a 94 page pocket size paperback booklet of bilingual text with 122 color photos. ISBN: 7-88905-019-4. VCD and booklet have the same ISBN#. No author or date are listed anywhere on the packaging, the VCD, nor the booklet itself. Even the publisher’s website does not list any author or date of publication. Nonetheless, the Chinese text and photos seem to be the same as in the larger volume with the same Chinese title published by Southwest Normal University Press in Chongqing in August 2003. The addition of an English translation of the text makes this the Rosetta Stone of Fishing City studies.

Chi Kāizhì [池开智], editor [编者] (biān zhě), 合州·钓鱼城 (Hechuan Diaoyu Cheng, Chongqing Publishing Group [重庆出版集团], 2009. ISBN 9787229005337. [A third Chinese publication with the same title. However, the text and at least some of the photos in this one seem to be different from the 2003 title by the same author. Certainly they aren't identical.]

Liu Daoping [刘道平], History of the Fishing City and the Later Period of the Southern Song Dynasty [钓鱼城与南宋后期历史] (Diaoyu Cheng Yu Nan Song Houqi Lishi), Chongqing: Chongqing Publishing House [重庆出版社] (Chongqing Cubanshe), 1991. 511 pages. Produced in cooperation with the Fishing City Museum Preparation Bureau [钓鱼城博物馆筹备处] (Diaoyu Cheng Bowuguan Choubei Chu). This publication was also part of the China Fishing City and Southern Song Dynasty Later Period History International Academic Symposium Collected Works [中国钓鱼城暨南宋后期历史国际学术讨论会文集] (Zhongguo Diaoyu Cheng Ji Nan Song Houqi Lishi Guoji Xueshu Taolunhui Wenji).

Liu Daoping [刘道平], Editor in Chief, China Scenic Spots and Historical Sites Vision, Pictorial Series, Vol. I, Chongqing Publishing House, January 1996. Preface on p.7 dated October 5, 1995. Bilingual text and captions in both Chinese and English. 100 pp. Color photos. Contains one brief chapter, “Diaoyu Castle Scenic Spot,” pp.65-70, followed by “Shan He Gu Hezhou,” pp. 71-76 about the modern-day Hechuan town center. There is an excellent map of the Diaoyu Cheng city walls and gates on p.65.

Liu Daoping [刘道平], Fishing City History and Culture [钓鱼城的历史与文化] (Diao Yu Cheng de Lishi yu Wenhua), Beijing: Central Literature Publishing House (Zhongyang Wenxian Chubanshe) [中央文献出版社], 2006. 365 pp. [The most authoritative monograph on the subject.]

Southwest Teachers College History Department [西南师范学院 歷史系] (Xi Nan Shi Fan Xue Yuan Lishi Xi), Fishing City Historical Facts Investigation [釣魚城史實考察] (Diaoyu Cheng Shishi Kaocha), Sichuan People’s Publishing House [四川人民出版社] (Sichuan Renmin Chubanshe), 1961. 102 pages. [This was the first academic study done of the Fishing City site. Southwest Teacher's College in Chongqing was the predecessor of Southwest Normal University [西南师范大学](Xi Nan Shi Fan Da Xue) before the school’s name was changed in 1985. The school’s name was changed again in July 2005 to Southwest University [西南大学](Xi Nan Da Xue). The school is situated at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, near the Jialing River, in Chongqing’s Beibei District. As such it is the closest university to the Diaoyu Cheng site.]

Tang Weimu [唐唯目], 钓鱼城志 (Diaoyu Cheng Zhi), Chongqing: Chongqing Publishing House [重庆出版社] (Chongqing Chubanshe), 1983. 176 pp.

Wang Jueying [王爵英], 合州·钓鱼城 (Hechuan Diaoyu Cheng), Sichuan People’s Publishing House [四川人民出版社] (Sichuan Renmin Chubanshe), 2001. 281 pages. ISBN: 722005288X/ 9787220052880. [A fourth Chinese publication with exactly the same Chinese title, but different publisher, author, publication date, and ISBN. Since I don't actually have this, and haven't used it, I can't vouch for its quality.]

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